Over the four years that I have spent as a student-athlete; I  did not understand the meaning of what being a student-athlete was really about. Managing work, sports, and homework was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my academic career because unlike High School, you are being paid to perform a service, which is to perform at an exceptional level in the classroom as well as on the field or court. Like anything else when you take care of the short term goals, the long term goal will come together nicely.

I set goals each week, especially during the season, when I normally had 15 hour days between work, school, practice, my social life, and maintaining where I live. Early mornings and late nights are a regular, and this thing called sleep is a act of the past. Each week is the start of a new module, new material and concepts, keeping a weekly list of what I need to get done helps organize thoughts and those long days, keeping my already busy life, stress free. It also helps prioritize how I spend my time. Focusing on school earlier in the week, making sure I get 90-100% of my homework done ( of course if you can start working ahead to the next week, DO IT!!!), will leave myself plenty of time to work on my golf game before a weekend tournament. By setting my weekly goals, will not only help with finishing out each semester as stress free and efficient as possible but eventually the long term goal that you set will be easier then ever to achieve, whether that is finishing out each year on the deans list or graduating. Being a student athlete can be very stressful, but it is also one the best experiences that anyone can ever have, prioritizing and organization are simple tools that can help any incoming student athlete be successful.

Cleary University also gives the students every opportunity to find peer tutors as well. Getting a tutor for the classes that will provide the biggest work load or the most struggle. Also, the teachers will also give you note taking advice, organizational tips, and will help you work around the busy workload of work, other classes, and of course being an athlete. The only thing you have to prove is that you’re committed to being a student first. These are some of the thing that will help enjoy the student athlete life.



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